New EP Announced

Following their ‘Apocalypse’ single in November of last year, Tantrum have set a date of May 27, 2022 for their next physical release. The EP, entitled Worlds End, will be the last release to feature long-standing guitarist, Steve Waddell. After Waddell’s departure in February, recording sessions were put on hold, and it was decided that the four completed tracks would be released separately to allow Tantrum to start with a clean slate and a fresh approach to writing for the long-awaited second album.

“For the title, we wanted to go with something that would draw a definitive line under the story of Tantrum to that point. With the album version of ‘Apocalypse’ as the opener and the theming of the lyrics already being somewhat dark, we decided on Worlds End as it can be taken two ways, depending on whether you throw in an apostrophe or not. We’re saying that not only can worlds end but that we were, at the time, standing on the edge of our very own world.”

Coming in at just under twenty minutes long, Worlds End bursts open with the remixed version of ‘Apocalypse’ before dropping into the driving guitars of the all-new Norse anthem, ‘Valhalla’. The mood quickly changes to the soulful verses and rousing choruses of ‘Victims of the Night’ before the EP reaches its frenetic climax with what is sure to be a crowd-pleaser in ‘Nevermore’.

With the addition of Baz Fitzsimmons stepping into Waddell’s former position as Stoo Condie’s harmonic comrade, Tantrum have begun writing material, which they expect to introduce to their live set over the coming months and are hoping to release an as-yet-untitled second album in the fourth quarter of 2022.