No Place for the Damned Trinity Edition CD


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the special CLASSIFIED dossier with additional materials, this has to ship as “Small Parcel” rather than “Large Letter”

The “Trinity Edition” of No Place for the Damned includes the full feature-length “Trinity” as a standalone trilogy including additional narrative and atmospheric material that is ONLY AVAILABLE in this edition.  This collectible release is not only limited, but comes in its own hand-numbered slip case.  With an entirely new set of artwork throughout (cover, booklet, tray insert, tray card and disc art is based entirely on the Trinity trilogy), the Trinity Edition of No Place for the Damned has a maximum run of FIFTY COPIES and is not to be missed.

Clocking in at just under an hour, No Place For The Damned opens with the haunting “Manifest Destiny,” the first part of the Trinity trilogy, exploring the devastating impact of the Manhattan Project. The classic Greek myth-inspired “Minotaur” follows, showcasing the band’s traditional British metal influences. “W.A.I.L.” offers a poignant look at homelessness, while “Deepest Line” delves into a world where lies manifest as physical scars.

The Trinity trilogy continues with “Hellbound Planet,” a hard-hitting track tackling climate change and environmental destruction. The lead single, “The Darkest of Times,” explores intrusive thoughts with its driving rhythm and soaring vocals. “Internal Bleeding” portrays the harrowing effects of gaslighting, followed by “Scarred,” a haunting exploration of suicide’s aftermath.

“The Judge” brings a dark, brooding atmosphere with its gang-vocal-driven chorus, playing on the double meaning of Judge Death and the Grim Reaper. “Traveller,” the final part of the Trinity trilogy, tells the story of a scientist’s ill-fated space mission. The album closes with the epic “The Pit and the Pendulum,” a heavy-metal retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic story, featuring an atmospheric intro and explosive crescendo that serves as a fitting end to this emotional rollercoaster.

This limited edition CD comes in an exclusive numbered slip case and features a standalone “CLASSIFIED” dossier wallet, including a whole host of album-related material as well as memorabilia from the accompanying “Trinity” novella:

  • Manhattan Project Staff ID card
  • Manhattan Project invitation letter
  • Manhattan Engineer District personnel photocard
  • Atomic Energy Commission logo sticker
  • War Office logo sticker
  • Aluminium Project NovaTerra electronic access card
  • NovaTerra uniform sew-on circular patch
  • NovaTerra “My Name Is” sticker (Dr Gupta)
  • NovaTerra “My Name Is” sticker (blank)
  • NovaTerra logo sticker
  • “Trinity Edition” artwork Sticker
  • “No Place for the Damned” artwork sticker
  • Handwritten, signed lyric sheet (random)


  1. Manifest Destiny (Trinity I)
  2. Minotaur
  3. W.A.I.L.
  4. Deepest Line
  5. Hellbound Planet (Trinity II)
  6. The Darkest of Times
  7. Internal Bleeding
  8. Scarred
  9. The Judge
  10. Traveller (Trinity  III)
  11. The Pit and the Pendulum

Mark Reid – Vocals
Baz Fitzsimmons – Guitars
Micah James Lewis Snow – Guitars
Chris Horne – Bass
Mark Riches – Drums

Mixed and Produced by Chris Horne
Mastered by Mark Reid and Chris Horne
Art and Design by Mark Reid

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