Another Life (Ltd Edition Single)


The album’s title track, “Another Life”, speaks to the global socioeconomic divide and how the promise of a brighter future by politicians and CEOs is never anything more than a glamour – an attempt to distract those struggling to survive for long enough to allow them to continue lining their pockets.  The single features three additional bonus tracks and has a maximum run of FIFTY numbered copies. The CD also includes the original demo of the song “Another Life”, written and recorded by Mark only weeks after joining the band to see if his writing style would fit.

This limited edition single also comes with:

  • Another Life “Fat Cats” fridge magnet (100mm W x 118mm H)
  • Another Life “Fat Cats” sticker (100mm W x 118mm H)
  • Exclusive “F4TC4TS 4EVA” United States of Tantrum $100 bill
  • THREE original demos from the Another Life album

Does not come in a cellophane wrap as it will be hand numbered.

  1. Another Life (single)
  2. Sands of Time (original demo)
  3. The First One (original demo)
  4. Another Life (original demo)

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